Explore Bob’s World

Welcome to Bowen Park, where Bob and his friends live. Why not have a look around? You can see where Bob and his pals sleep in the Bobble Car, play at the slide, and catch the red bus at the bus stop. You might even spot Bob while you’re exploring. Be sure to say hi!

We’ll be revealing more areas and little secrets the park has to offer as Bob and the gang come across them on their adventures.

Bob's ‘Bobble’ Car 

Bob’s home is an old, disused bubble car that’s nestled in a quiet corner of Bowen Park. 

It’s so warm and snug inside that Bob’s friends sometimes sleep here too. They call it the ‘Bobble Car’. 

Bob’s Playground

Bob and his friends love having fun together in the Bowen Park playground.

They can spend all day there, laughing and chatting away as they play on the swings, roundabout and see-saw. 

Bob’s Bus Stop 

Bob loves sitting at the bus stop,watching the world go by and avoiding the rain. Sometimes he will hop on to a passing bus and travel into the middle of the city. His friends join him too sometimes. 

Bob’s Bench

Bob loves sitting on this park bench, especially in the Summertime when the park is filled with children playing.He sometimes sits here listening to the busker who often strums his guitar in Bowen Park. 

The Boating Lake

Visitors come to the lake to sail their toy boats and feed the ducks.

Bob and his friends have many an adventure here too. 

Streetfood Corner

Bob and his pals are always hanging around Bowen Park’s food stalls.

Bob and Dave the pigeon hover around Gigi’s Pizza place hoping for a slice. Nutty and Crunch’s favourite place is Twirly’s, the ice cream parlour.