Support And FAQ



Where is the real Bob? 

He lives in a house with a garden on the edge of London. 


Does he really wear a scarf? 

Yes. He has dozens of them. 


Where does he get his scarves? 

From fans from all over the world. They send them to him.


What’s Bob’s favourite food? 



What’s animated Bob’s favourite food? 



Has real Bob met the animated Bob? 

Yes. He has watched all his webisodes and given them a big High Five. 


Will Bob make any new friends in the animation

Yes, he is always making new friends and you will meet them in future episodes. 


When will there be more webisodes? 

We have four exciting webisodes which will be released once a week after Easter 2018. We hope to bring you more later in the year. We can guarantee Bob has a special Christmas present for you! 


How do I join the Streetcatbob Newsletter? 

Register here on our site and we will keep you updated. 



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